Executive coaching

Starr Consulting supports the personal development of leaders and executives in the UK, Europe and beyond.

We draw on a broad range of tools to support the learning, development and performance of individuals. These tools include psychology, emotional intelligence, management theory and coaching.

Our coaches are expert and experienced – and our coaching assignments are designed with delivery in mind. We work with both the individual and the organisation, to build assignments with as little or as much structure as you need.

A STRUCTURED COACHING ASSIGNMENTdiagram-a-structured-coaching-assignment

Principles of an effective coaching assignment

1. The assignment is ‘owned’ by a stakeholder from your organisation – for example, the line manager.

2. A clear sense of purpose is established up front. If appropriate, this is done in collaboration with a line manager or a senior member of the HR team.

3. A strong focus on the self-awareness of the individual is encouraged – for example, via profiling or feedback from colleagues.

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