Employee engagement

Starr Consulting offers fresh perspectives to address the challenges of employee engagement.

The constant climate of change in organisations, plus notions of an uncertain future, suppress optimism, creativity and engagement. Employee engagement is at a near-record low, and a disengaged workforce is one of the biggest threats facing business.


-  71% of workers are ‘not engaged’, representing a near-record low [Gallup, 2011]
-  84% of senior leaders globally say disengaged employees are one of the three biggest threats facing their business [The Economist]
-  56% of workers view security as more important than two years ago [Towers Watson (TW), 2012]


1. Bringing managers and leaders into the loop, to help them realise their opportunity to effect change
2. Helping managers focus on the key components of engagement (think, feel, act)
3. Changing the nature of everyday work conversations to empower and engage people


-  ’ The top factor (85%) contributing to increased employee engagement is their line manager or supervisor’ [IABC Research Foundation/ Buck Consultants]
-  ‘Leaders who use coaching behaviours are 33% more effective at engaging employees’ [Birsin by Deloitte]
-  ‘The most effective behaviours to affect performance conversations are listening actively, reinforcing positive behaviour and asking open questions’ [TW, 2012]

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