Mentor skills training

Starr Consulting guides mentors through the process of establishing and developing an effective relationship.

Many mentor relationships – and schemes – flounder as individuals are confronted with challenges of navigating through what can feel like unchartered territory.

Our work in this area is supported by Julie Starr’s book The Mentoring Manual, a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to being a better mentor. Working with your distinct situation and challenges, we will help you to:

- Establish a clear understanding of what it means to mentor another
- Build clear expectations between mentors and mentees
- Equip mentors with the principles and skills they need to mentor others with confidence
- Develop simple processes that underpin successful mentoring, from preparing to begin, to preparing to complete
- Establish practical methods to review, evaluate, and learn throughout the mentor relationship and lifecycle

In organisations, we aim to work with groups of mentors over a period of time, to support the setup and ongoing development of relationships. Ongoing solutions can include surgeries and short masterclass or learning-type modules, which can happen in a live environment or online (for example, via a webinar).

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