Problem Avoidance: don’t waste your energy

May 8, 2016

What thorny issue are you avoiding at the moment? Tackling that head on may not be your preferred option but I’ll bet you’ll be glad when you do. You see, problems, like gardens, grow when we incubate them. Deny them, and delude yourself. They don’t go away. So sharpen your tools, get out there and tackle them today.

Thank goodness for Spring! As nature surges forth, spring encourages action in us all. My gardening business is super-busy; as the thought of yet another summer without a lovely garden sends a wave of requests my way. Like the call from a Polish client whose outside area was approaching jungle status. “Andrew I need you! My garden scares me. I have pulled down the blinds and now I drink Vodka!’’  She was only half joking.

My site visit revealed a chaotic scene. A sprawling mass of 1960’s crazy paving, weeds and forgotten pots in a fight with the neighbour’s more recent fashion favourite, Bamboo. The Bamboo was winning. For two years, my client had been denying herself the pleasure of her own back yard.

While I launched myself at the paving, the weeds and general clutter, Katia spoke to her neighbour. He was glad of the nudge and called in the heavies to banish the invading bamboo. In just a few days’ harmony has been restored and the blinds were up. Drinks have moved to the terrace!

So back to your issue; instead of letting it drain your energy, why not tackle it and claim victory? Refreshed by the growing energy of the spring season, just ask yourself; what will it take to tackle your issue directly today?  And then imagine …what might you gain if you did?

Andrew Morris, The Coaching Gardener

You can always trust a plant.

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